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欢迎(歡迎) huān yíng
to welcome; welcome
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Pinyin Matches:
欢迎(歡迎)huān yíngto welcome; welcome
幻影huàn yǐngphantom; mirage
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Character Matches for 欢
 欢度(歡度)huān dùto merrily spend (an occasion); to celebrate
 欢呼(歡呼)huān hūto cheer for; to acclaim
 欢快(歡快)huān kuàicheerful and lighthearted; lively
 欢乐(歡樂)huān lègaiety; gladness; glee; merriment; pleasure; happy; gay
2欢庆(歡慶)huān qìngto celebrate
 欢送(歡送)huān sòngto see off; to send off
 欢腾(歡騰)huān téngjubilation; great celebration;
3欢喜(歡喜)huān xǐhappy; joyous; delighted; to like; to be fond of
 欢笑(歡笑)huān xiàoto laugh happily; a belly-laugh
3欢心(歡心)huān xīnfavor; liking; love; jubilation; joy
3欢欣(歡欣)huān xīnelated
2欢迎(歡迎)huān yíngto welcome; welcome
6欢愉(歡愉)huān yúhappy; joyous; delighted
 欢悦(歡悅)huān yuèhappiness; joy; to be happy; to be joyous
4交欢(交歡)jiāo huānto have cordial relations with each other
3联欢(聯歡)lián huānto have a get-together; celebration; party
 喜欢(喜歡)xǐ huanto like; to be fond of
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Character Matches for 迎
3逢迎féng yíngto meet face to face; to flatter; to make up to
2欢迎(歡迎)huān yíngto welcome; welcome
 迎宾(迎賓)yíng bīnto welcome a guest
 迎风(迎風)yíng fēngin the wind; facing the wind; downwind
3迎合yíng héto cater to; to pander to
3迎接yíng jiēto meet; to welcome; to greet
 迎面yíng miàndirectly; head-on (collision)
 迎亲(迎親)yíng qīnto escort the bride
 迎头(迎頭)yíng tóuto meet head-on; face-to-face; directly
3迎战(迎戰)yíng zhànto meet the enemy head-on